PetroTherm 2009 Conference Presentations

Optical imaging is quickly becoming a critical component of plant operations and maintenance programs at petrochemical, oil and gas facilities. PetroTherm is an opportunity for industry experts to tackle the issues of Smart LDAR, refinery turnaround and startup, detecting leaks on flares and tanks, and much more. Presentations, clinics, and panel discussions are used to bring to light critical industry issues impacting the environment, worker safety and the bottom line. At PetroTherm, gain real-world infrared and optical imaging application knowledge from those who deal with the issues everyday.

TCEQ and Gas Imaging Technology

Alternative Applications for FLIR GasFindIR

UK Chemical Plant Leak Survey with Three FLIR GasFindIR Camera Models

Identification and Quantification of Storage Tank Emissions

Alternative Uses For the FLIR Camera

GasFindIR Use in Petrochemical Plants


Stop Wasting Time and Start Reducing Costs

Oil and Natural Gas Industry Compliance Assistance

Fugitive Emissions Measured Benefits Proven Returns

LDAR Alternative Work Practice - Is It Right For Me?