FLIR MU-/MV-Series

FLIR MV-SeriesFLIR MU-series is the most technologically advanced thermal night vision system available to the maritime industry today. It is a powerful, gyro-stabilized multi-sensor, long range, thermal night vision system. MU-602C includes a cooled midwave, high-resolution 640 x 512 pixel thermal camera. It has a 14X optical zoom between a 28º and a 2º field of view. It comes standard with and a high-resolution 550-line color camera. The daylight camera offers a 28X optical zoom. MU-602CL is also equipped with a low-light black and white camera. MU-602CLW is completed with an uncooled long-wave high resolution 640 x 480 pixel thermal camera giving the MU-Series multi-spectral capabilities.

MV Series NMEA Technology Award 2014FLIR MV-series offer a thermal imaging camera equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector producing thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels. It is the more affordable multi-sensor solution. The thermal imaging camera zooms between a 24.5° and a 4° field of view. MV-604C is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and a visible color camera. MV-604CL comes with a black & white low light camera as well.